Pine Creek Clean-Up (Walnut Creek Community Service Day)

The Contra Costa County Flood Control District (the District) participated in the Walnut Creek Community Service Day on Saturday, October 28th. This is the fourth year the District has partnered with Friends of the Creeks to participate in this event. The District led a mile clean-up of Pine Creek in the Woodlands neighborhood, while Friends of the Creeks led a mile and a half clean-up of Pine Creek along Oak Grove Boulevard. This year we had 18 volunteers help remove 18 bags of trash in Pine Creek.  During our four years of work in this reach of creek, the trash volumes have dropped every year.  This shows the actions taken by the City or Walnut Creek and their residents are making substantial differences.

 This event not only beautifies the area but it also prevents the trash from floating down Pine Creek and out into the bay and ultimately into the Pacific Ocean. Trash causes damage to the native plants, animals, and fish along and in the creeks, so the Flood Control District would like to thank our volunteers for taking their time to help us clean-up our community. Thank you!