Wellness Education

Contra Costa County Health Plan Carriers

The health plan carriers' websites offer information on thousands of health plan topics.  These resources are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week.  Website links are available to all county employees; however, the plans may require registration to gain full access to available services.

Kaiser Permanente  www.kp.org
Health Education Websites from A to Z
Eligibility: Certain health education topics are available to all County employees.   
No fee  
Kaiser Members Only www.kp.org
Health assessment questionnaire and a personal health coach/health manager can be assigned to you on a one-on-one basis.  
Health Net www.healthnet.com
Health Net Members Only  
Decision Power offers information resources and support for every Health Net member


Decision Power brings together under one roof the tools necessary to make healthy decisions, which includes the following:

  • Register online and take the health risk questionnaire (HRQ)

One-on-one consultations -- a health coach will help you make medical decisions about your health issues.

Health Coach (available 24/7)  (800) 893-5597 
Members may combine resources  
No fee  

CCHP www.contracostahealthplan.org
CCHP Health Plan members only  
  • Health information resources made available for its members
  • One-on-one consultation with a health educator concerning questions you may have about your health issues and the resources available to them
Health Educator                               (925) 313-6019
No fee  

Please be advised that nothing found here has been reviewed with the expertise required to provide you with complete information.  The information in this Resource Guide is merely to aid you in your search for local agencies. Review the materials carefully to determine if the agencies listed provide the assistance you are seeking. Contra Costa County cannot be held responsible for the information obtained from these agencies and recommends that you perform due diligence prior to releasing personal information regarding your circumstances.