It is my honor and pleasure to serve as the Director of Public Works for Contra Costa County. Having served the citizens of our County in various capacities within our Department for over 28 years prior to being named the Director I had the opportunity to learn and grow in an organizational culture that strives for continuous improvement. Our mission is to deliver cost effective, safe, reliable and sustainable projects, programs and quality services as well as provide support services that are competitive, attentive, responsive, efficient, safe and high quality to our customers and fellow County Departments. We, as a team, work toward that mission daily. I am privileged to work with qualified and dedicated employees that take pride in being part of the communities we help to maintain. Building relationships and communication is important to us and we are committed to fostering long term strong, positive relationships with our partners and our customers.

This website is a great resource that provides contact information, organizational charts, project status and general information about our Department. It is our intention that you find information you are looking for, but it is by no means intended to be a substitute for contacting us should you have questions that you were not able to answer. Email us at Admin@pw.cccounty.us or call us at (925) 313-2000 if you have any questions.

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  1. Marina Vista Road Closure

    Contra Costa County Public Works to Close a Section of Marina Vista Street in Martinez Due to Construction of the New Administrative Building Read on...
  2. Byron Highway Side Street Construction

    Contra Costa County Public Works to Upgrade Streets Along Bryon Highway Read on...
  3. Road Work in Martinez, Bay Point and Walnut Creek

    Contra Costa Public Works to Upgrade Streets in Bay Point, Martinez and Walnut Creek Read on...
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2018 Asphalt Rubber Cape Seal Schedule in Martinez, Bay Point and Walnut Creek

Click here to get information and schedules for this road construction project.

SB1 Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017
​New Local Streets & Roads Funding
​Contra Costa County - 10 Year Total:
​County of Contra Costa 

​Total Cities & County: Contra Costa 

​For more information on SB1, please visit http://www.catc.ca.gov/programs/sb1/lsrp/

​ 16,793,000
​   3,202,000
​ 37,053,000
​ 12,245,000
​   6,964,000
​   7,082,000
​   7,120,000
​   4,717,000
​ 11,467,000
​   5,356,000
​   5,353,000
​ 19,373,000
​   9,735,000
​ 31,531,000
​   8,807,000
​ 22,386,000
​ 20,002,000